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Celeste Fichter
Fuse Works is pleased to announce the publication of Carts and Rafts a new book by Celeste Fichter. Fichter's book uses found imagery culled from the internet. The resulting collection of transportation-related pairings include all manner of carts (golf, ice cream, shopping) and rafts (inflatable, log, of the Medusa). Fichter's pictorial slapstick contains a covert object lesson. The diptych pairs created by the book's spreads summon pre-linguistic associations, like cognitive portmanteaus, or a psycho-visual Esparanto.
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Jeremy D Slater
Fuse Works, with Jeremy Slater, have published Slater's seoul, a sound piece incorporating processed field recordings collected during his residency at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in South Korea. The 1-sided 10" clear vinyl record is screen-printed, signed and numbered and produced in an edition of 20.
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James Leonard

For our recent show, There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Yours, Fuse Works commissioned artist James Leonard to design tissue paper that can do dual service, both as a work of art and as wrapping paper for artist multiples. The result is Tear Sheet, screen-printed tissue paper produced at Bushwick Print Lab. Tear Sheet is free with any purchase of artwork from Fuse Works, but will arrive crumpled in a ball, wadded around something else, folded and creased— the way tissue paper ought to be.
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James Leonard

James Leonard
Seeking Diviners
Publication and Multiples Fair VI
Open Space Baltimore's Sixth Annual Publication and Multiples Fair!
Fuse Works will be at Open Space Baltimore's Publication and Multiples Fair later this month. The fair is Saturday and Sunday March 28th and 29th at the Baltimore Design School, 1500 Barclay St, Baltimore. Check their site for more information about the fair and the many events associated with it →

Christina Kelly Christina Kelly's multiple It's Our Service to Pleasure You is featured in the show Trade/ Gift/Purchase: Artists Collect, an exhibition of selected works from the personal collections of Dawson College Visual Arts Faculty. The exhibition is at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal, and includes more than 50 artworks, each of which has been traded, acquired or purchased and has a unique story attached to it. More info here...
Chiara Camoni Chiara Camoni will participate in the group exhibition Folleree Folleroo at Arcade Gallery, London. More info here...
Chuck Jones Amanda Tiller is featured in an exhibition entitled Mot Juste at Mandeville Gallery at Union College, Schenectady, NY. Curated by Julie Lohnes, the exhibition examines the intersections of text, language and the visual arts. More info here...
Chuck Jones In an interview in Comp Art and Design Magazine, Chuck Jones explains who has given him a thumbs up and a shove in the right direction, the role of humor in his art and why embroidery is one of his favorite media. Check it out...

Huffington Post
We Are Fuse Works In a round-up list of resources for collectors of artists multiples, Huffington Post included us stating: Fuse Works takes their edition and multiple venture very seriously... That's right we do! You can read the full article here....