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Chuck Jones
Send A Traveling Band To Stay With Your Friend, 2011
Mail Art (hand written letter on back of color laser print) with audio CD approx.
5 in. x 7in.
Edition: open

Jones offers to mail a package to any innocent victim the purchaser specifies. The package contains a letter, photographs and a CD that leads them to believe that a group of itinerant musicians are coming to their home. The purchaser will give the artist (via the dealer) the name and address of a good friend. The artist will then handwrite a letter on the back of a band flyer to this good friend. The artist will include a CD of this band with the letter. The purchaser will get a copy of the letter and the cd as well.

artist bio
Chuck Jones, 1970, is an Media Artist and Embroiderer living in Chicago. His work was featured in a museum in Queens once, and once in Houston and another time in Los Angeles. He lives in Chicago and his work can be found at www.babygorilla.com

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