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Patricia Smith
Pocket Desire Map, 2009
folded offset print with cover
6 in. x 14 in.
Edition: 250

Price: $20.00

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This is Patricia Smith’s first interactive map. Pocket Desire Map lays out an internal geography of personal desires against a drawing in her signature hybrid style. Instructions for the use of the map are provided on the reverse: “Make a dot in the areas of your current desires. You can use a different color for each day of the week... add text ...customize your map. Record a day, a week, or a month on the same map. At the end of the chosen time period, you will have an accurate picture of what you really want.”

artist bio
Patricia Smith's meticulous, quietly subversive works on paper in ink and watercolor are reminiscent of architectural drawings, medical illustration, and antique maps. Her fantastical structures house imaginary organizations. Text captions labeling the rooms and spaces make use of puns, double meanings and dark humor. These miniature worlds articulate slightly unsettling social phenomena and psychological patterns, suggesting a depiction of both the individual mind and the broader culture.

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