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Sandra March
Oro Parece Plátano Es, 2017
Six 4-color posters on newsprint paper in a sewn paper sleeve
each poster 20 1/2 in. by 29 1/2 in.; sleeve 10 3/4 in. by 15 in.
Edition: 50

Price: $40.00

The folio Oro Parece Plátano Es contains six posters on newsprint. Each of the six images reflects on contemporary socio-political concepts using original, colorful illustrations which, in the words of the artist "[trigger] a reflection that demonstrates and disarms the mechanisms used by the established power for its development and affirmation. Superheroes, comic book characters and children's illustrations act as accomplices of a visual fabric that although it seems to be cheerful and amiable...is as acid and atrocious as today's world can be". Each poster is titled in the bottom margin. A short essay by historian Elina Norandi is printed on the folio sleeve. The brown and gold paper sleeve bears the artist's blindstamp. The six posters include: Hombres y mujeres jugando en casa al gato y al ratón, Los riesgos de la estética, El potencial óxico del consumo infantil, Oro parece, plátanos son; necesidades básicas y el capital, La educación es un juguete en manos de animales, Immigrantes; superhéroes tratados como parásitos. Text in Spanish. Signed and numbered.

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