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Serge Onnen
On, 2004
etching on sanded LP in inverted sleeve
Edition: 25 plus 5APs

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A commercial pop LP is the vehicle for this work by Serge Onnen. The vinyl has been sanded, obliterating, and silencing, the songs on the album. A circular etching complete with spindle hole replaces the label. The album sleeve is turned inside-out. Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist on album sleeve. From Galerie des Multiples in Paris.

artist bio
Serge Onnen is a Dutch artist whose work has been shown in Europe, South America and North America. Residencies: Rijksakademie, Amsterdam; Glassell Program Houston, TX; ISCP program NYC; Cite International des Arts Paris. He is the trumpet player for the improvisational band Oorbeek.

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