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Joe Bochynski
Civic Pavers, 2016
brick, grout
8 in. x 3 1/2 in. x 2 1/4 in.
edition: open

Price: $20.00

Civic Pavers, a new and timely multiple by Joe Bochynski, give tangible form to the expression of a sentiment in the tradition of Allan McCollum's Visible Markers. Bochynski’s bricks, however, convey a darker, passive aggression. But, to be fair, bricks are for building as well as throwing. To Bochynski Civic Pavers embody the situationists motto “Beneath the pavement, the beach”. Signed and numbered.

The sale of Civic Pavers will benefit the ACLU. 80% of the proceeds from the sale of each paver will be donated.

artist bio
Joseph Bochynski is an interdisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. His recent mosaic opus sectile work explores civic life and obligations, especially foundational institutions such as schools, local governances, social clubs, and youth organizations. Born in Buffalo, NY, Bochynski was a safety patrol member from 1996-1997, Boy Scout from 1997-2003, blood donor from 2002-2009, and is a registered voter in District 53. In addition, he received a BA in Mathematics and Studio Art from Hobart College in 2008, and an MFA from the RISD in 2013.

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